Beaver 16 S, pipe bevel machine

video Beaver 16S in action

Beaver 16 S, pipe bevel machine

The stationary pipe bevel machine covering 2 inch to 16 inch pipes is our Beaver 16 S.

Over the years we kept on developing the 16 inch bevelmachine, we are thesedays manufacturing and sell the 3rd generation Beaver 16S. Together with the customers experience and our technical knowledge about bevelling we also strive to make better machines and keep on innovating. visit our COPIER USA website for more information here.

The Beaver 16S is a stationary bevel machine that you use in the workshop, pipeshop or factory to machine and bevel metal pipes. The machine is fast, accurate and state of the art. The Beaver 16s will always provide you the accurate smooth bevel if you know how to use the machine, working with this machine is very easy and fast.

The pipe is clamped on the clamping set that is fixed to the table frame the rotating chuck is cutting away the steel material from the pipe under the requested angle. Common bevels are V-bevels under 30 or 37.5 degrees. Some of these bevels require a land of between 1 and 2 mm for automatic welding processes. the Beaver 16S is our 16 inch pipe beveling machine.

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We could provide you the opportunity to arrange a demonstration in our factory if we are having machines available.

The Beaver 16S is standard with manual clamping and feeding, but we could offer you also the Beaver 16S Automatic with a complete electrical cycle controlled from a touchscreen. From the touchscreen you operate the electrical clamping system, the pipe stop and the electrical feeding.

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Beaver 16S, pipe bevel machine

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Designed as a beveling machine for the ID, OD and face our Beaver S series machines can handle a pipe range from .25" to 56" diameter.


Portable and stationary bending machines for up to 3 inch in diameter.


Semi-automated, programmable roll grooving machines capable of handling .75" to 24" pipe in one unit.


O.D 3” to 42”.

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