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The machines we sell for pipe bevelling belong to the most heavy duty machines of all pipe bevellers or pipe bevel machines worldwide. Our pipe beveller is solid, accurate and state of the art and they are well known because of their durability. We started in 1997 with manufacturing pipe bevelling machines and now years later we have done a lot of developments on the machines from the experience of our customers. The pipe bevelling machines are manufactured and engineered by Copier Bevelmachines in the Netherlands.

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We can offer you different pipe bevelling machines in the outside diameter range from 0.5" up to 56 inch.

The bevelling machines that we sell the most are the following

Beaver 3 S, stationary pipe bevelling machine
machine range : from 0.5" up to 3" (from 12 to 90 mm)
wall thickness : up to 10 mm
speeds: stepless up to 1500 rpm
controls : manual pipe stop, clamping and feeding
weight : 240 kgs

Beaver 8 S, stationary pipe bevelling machine
machine range : from 1" up to 8"
wall thickness : up to 25 mm
speeds: 96 and 192 RPM
controls : manual clamping and feeding
weight : 1600 kgs

Beaver 16 S, stationary pipe bevelling machine
machine range : from 2" up to 16"
wall thickness : up to 25 mm
speeds: 48 /64/96/128 RPM
controls : manual clamping and feeding
weight : 2500 kgs

Beaver 24 S AUT, stationary pipe bevelling machine
machine range : from 8" up to 24"
wall thickness : up to 25 mm
speeds: stepless
controls : automatic clamping, pipe stop and feeding
weight : 7500 kgs

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There are many different beveling machines on the marketing such as portable bevel machines, clamshells and stationary bevel machines.

Copier Bevelmachines is focussing on pipe beveling, cutting, welding and bending machinery. The main focus is on pipe cutting and beveling solutions.

We manufacturer stationary machines for metal pipe and tube beveling for the range of 0,5” to 56” in different models. Our most popular items are our machine up to 8”, 16” and 24”.

We offer them in many different ways manual, automatic and even CNC controlled.

The best way to choose the correct machine for the job is to contact us on +31-183441313 or on and will advise which machine will be the best fit for your pipe beveling job.

In 1997 Mr. Copier set up his own company and since then many stationary machines have been sold world-wide mostly to oil and gas related business in prefabrication of piping.

Contact us also for more information on automatic pipe welding machinery that we offer.

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Beveling pipe is our specialism, if you have any questions or if you need a special tool contact us for more information and in most cases we could advise you.

It could be that our standard machine is not suitable for the job, than we could explain if we could offer custom made solution to reach your goal.

Pipe bevelling or pipe chamfering advise needed? email us on for your inquiry.

pipe bevel machine

pipe bevel machine

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Designed as a beveling machine for the ID, OD and face our Beaver S series machines can handle a pipe range from .25" to 56" diameter.


Portable and stationary bending machines for up to 3 inch in diameter.


Semi-automated, programmable roll grooving machines capable of handling .75" to 24" pipe in one unit.


O.D 3” to 42”.

solid, sharp and state-of-the-art