Bevelling pipe

Beveling pipe

Beveling pipe could be done on several ways. Our metal pipe beveling solution is a cold cutting version.
We use a table frame machine where the metal pipe is clamped in the clampingset on the frame.
the toolholders are set under an angle and are mounted in the chuck in this way the rotating chuck cuts away the steel under the requested angle, this is our method of beveling pipes and bevelling tubes.

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bevelling pipe could be according the ASME codes, our machines can preform these bevels very accuratly and with the right adjustment and training the machines are fairly easy to operate by every operator.
You do not have to be experienced in pipe bevelling at all to operate the stationary pipe bevelmachines from Copier USA
the most common machines we sell are for pipe bevelling from 0,5" to 24"

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beveling pipe beveling pipes

Bevelling pipe

Bevelling pipe is done with our stationary pipe bevelmachine.
we offer the Beaver S-serie these machines cover the whole range for bevelling pipes from 0,5" up to 56"
the cutting bits is mechanically cutting away the steel under an angle to preform the bevel angle.

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Designed as a beveling machine for the ID, OD and face our Beaver S series machines can handle a pipe range from .25" to 56" diameter.


Portable and stationary bending machines for up to 3 inch in diameter.


Semi-automated, programmable roll grooving machines capable of handling .75" to 24" pipe in one unit.


O.D 3” to 42”.

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