beaver 3 S bevelmachine
beaver 3 S bevelmachine
beaver 3 S bevelling
Beaver 3 S front open
Beaver 3 S front
beaver 3 S side detail
Beaver 3 S Side
Beaver 3 S tool

Beaver 3 S

Stationary pipe bevelmachine

Machining range : from 5 to 60 mm
Wall thickness : up to 10 mm
Controls : manual clamping and feeding
Motor : 400 volts / 3 phases / 3 KW
Speeds in RPM : Step less 25 - 1500 rpm

Measurements : length 700 mm x width 375 mm x height 790 mm
Weight : 240 kgs

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The main advantages of the Beaver 3 S stationary pipe bevelling machine are:

  • It is extremly fast for bevelling tubes
  • The feeding works easily with the lever in combination with the pipe stop.
  • You can make a smooth and high quality bevel with this machine, it is more constant than with portable bevellers.
  • You do not need experience on tube or pipe bevelling to use this machine
  • The motor is stepless, very usefull for small tubes and even more for stainless steel tubes
  • This machine is simple and does not require a lot of maintenance.
  • The investment on this machine is low compared to the quality and output you get.

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Copier manufactures stationary pipe bevelling machines, in different models, up to 56 inch. Besides that we can offer stationary machines that can cut and bevel in one operation.


Copier manufactures tube bending machines for portable and stationary use for up to 3 inch diameter.


Pipe roll grooving machine for grooving sprinkler pipes.


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