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GM2 six pipe roll grooving machines

GM2 Pipe Roll Grooving Machine

GM2 Groove Master for sprinkler pipes

A pipe roll grooving machine is pressing a groove into a metal pipe
in order to put a coupling on it for sprinkler pipe systems.

Our PLC pipe roll grooving machines we manufacture are able to groove up to 24 inch pipes. Depending on the pipe diameter you need to groove different drive rolls and groove rolls sets are needed. The depth of the groove is easy adjustable in the control panel of the machine.

Advantages compared to hydraulic driven grooving machines:

  1. Easy and quick set up on the touch screen, no mechanical adjustments
  2. for the grooving depth
  3. Easy to adjust during operation (if required)
  4. Less flaring because of high control of the grooving process
  5. No hydraulics involved, low noise, no leakage
  6. Easy to install and to move in the factory

different drive and groove rolling sets required to do the full range from 1" to 24" pipes.

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