Pipe bevel machine

Pipe Bevelmachines / pipe Chamfer machines

Copier Bevelmachines
Copier Bevelmachines is manufacturer and engineer of stationary pipe chamfer machines or so called pipe bevel machines. Pipe Bevelling or beveling is making an angle before the pipe welding process is started, in order make the welding possible.

the machines are mechanically cutting off the material with a cutting insert. Than the pipe bevel is created.

Pipe bevel machines
We manufacture different models of stationary pipe bevel machines for the whole range from OD 0.5" to 56".
starting with the Beaver 8S that covers 1" to 8". Copier Bevelmachines offers custom made solutions for pipe beveling, for example electrical options or custom made clamping systems for pipe elbows.

Besides the (static bevelmachines) stationary machines we also manufacture mobile and portable bevelmachines. The angle is created by an toolhead with cutting bits, these cutting bits chamfer the pipe on the required angle that is required. Copier started with manufacturing the PBM bevelmachines at this moment we manufacture the more developed Beaver S, Beaver SHW and Beaver CNC series.

We also offer options like inside diameter tracker, this I.D tracker is a system that follows the inner pipe and keeps track on out of round pipes. This system is also sometimes called ID copying system. With this toolhead you could create V-bevels, J-bevels, compounds bevels, and many other bevels.

Do not hesitate to contact us for your requirements on bevelling of pipes.

Contact us for more information on sales@copier-usa.com or call us during working hours on (+1)713-816-8491

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Designed as a beveling machine for the ID, OD and face our Beaver S series machines can handle a pipe range from .25" to 56" diameter.


Portable and stationary bending machines for up to 3 inch in diameter.


Semi-automated, programmable roll grooving machines capable of handling .75" to 24" pipe in one unit.


O.D 3” to 42”.

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