Pipe beveling machine

Pipe beveling machines that are solid, accurate and provide a smooth bevel

Copier Bevelmachines is manufacturer of pipe beveling machines since 1997, with it’s own factory and engineering department it designs these bevel machines for pipe. The machines are solid, accurate and always provide a quality bevel on the pipe. We offer only machines for pipe beveling that are stationary and are placed in a factory where the pipes are machined before they are going to the pipe welding process.

At this moment we offer the third generation pipe beveling machines, the Beaver S-serie. All experiences from the customers and developments over te years have been taken in to account in order to get the best quality pipe bevel machine. We have pipe bevel machines for sale in different types covering the total range of outside diameters from 0,5” to 56”.

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pipe bevel machine

pipe beveling machines for industrial use

The design and the construction of the frame has been further perfected over the years, the result is that Beaver S is offered at a very competitive price with a high quality result for industrial use. Our machinery for pipe beveling is accurate because of the way the machines are manufactured and the operator of this machine will experience that it is very straight forward to use the machine.

Furthermore after some experience the operator in the factory will experience that the machine has a good performance on the bevel in combination with a high output.

When the setup of the tooling is done and when the pipe is clamped the beveling is very fast. Therefore these machines are very suitable for high quantities of the same bevel shape and pipe diameters. Alternatively there are options to offer the pipe bevel machines automatic or even CNC controlled. Automatic machines can be interesting when there are a lot of the same bevel shapes per day. We advise the CNC controlled bevel machines when the wall thickness are thicker or when the bevel shapes vary a lot in combination with different kinds of steel.

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stationary-pipe-beveling-machine Beaver 8S

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Designed as a beveling machine for the ID, OD and face our Beaver S series machines can handle a pipe range from .25" to 56" diameter.


Portable and stationary bending machines for up to 3 inch in diameter.


Semi-automated, programmable roll grooving machines capable of handling .75" to 24" pipe in one unit.


O.D 3” to 42”.

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